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requests?   this is the doodle blog of pinkprisoner, aka ally. i post all my art here to keep it all in one place! i mainly like to hunter x hunter and jojo fanart, though i also draw other stuff.

matching pyjamas!!! a child’s small and an adult’s extra large. :3c

also (circle of life plays loudly)

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i’m so bad at colouring but i need to get better

i’m so bad at colouring but i need to get better

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umadashibayashi replied to your post: in case u thought i forgot about my hu…

Wow, the yukata look is so good for him! Love the purple <3 <3 Ahhh and you made his hair longer, too!

fufufu you noticed… i thought the longer hair suited the yukata! and the maid dress… :3c tho i must say i don’t really stick to one length with his hair… i’m a little inconsistent * w *;;;

anyway thank you!! ;; <3333

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hack cough last night’s 69min was pinup, so uh

don’t smoke, kids

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eyeless1703 asked: Phinks/Danchou 15





the otp… thank u :)))))

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3 guys w the same glasses and then a yoleorio

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i haven’t been able to draw anything lately but i need to organize my doodles so i’m posting some kinda old ones here

hxh_69min things; a personality swap, um i think the prompt for phinx was the genei ryodan in general, and then i think it was fear :”’))))

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erinapendleton asked: massimo kissing angelica literally any number and i'll cry



i went for a shoulder kiss

anything for u <3

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i gave morau some new hairstyles

and then dressed him up…!! :3c

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